zondag, augustus 09, 2009

History of Touch for Health according John F. Thie

- The Origin of all Kinesiology Courses -

Dr John Thie DC:""

  1. History of tfh philosophy and techniques
  2. Early Days of Applied Kinesiology
    - Neuro-Lymphatic massage points (NL)
    - Oriental meridian therapy - Acupuncture
    - Neuro-Vascular holding points (NV)
    - Therapy Localization technique (TL)
  3. Applied Kinesiology - AK genesis
  4. Touch for Health manual genesis
  5. In the Beginning ..."Health from within"
  6. International College of Applied Kinesiology - ICAK genesis
  7. The Touch for Health foundation genesis & early innovators
    - International Touch for Health training genesis
    - Annual conferences genesis
  8. Expansion and growth of Touch for Health
  9. International Kinesiology College - latest edition
  10. Touch for Health book
  11. The spread of Touch for Health / Kinesiology worldwide
    - Specialised Kinesiology courses development
    - Touch for Health for everyone
    - Different faiths same kinesiology
    - Books on kinesiology
    - Former members of the board of trustees of the touch for Health foundation
  12. The current period of transition for TfH / kinesiology
    - Issues of politics, economics & efficacy in kinesiology
    - Economics
    - Efficacy

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