dinsdag, januari 28, 2014

Temporal Sphenoidal Reflex Points | Touch for Health

Good day, reader. So once in a while I look for interesting NEW information that is available on the Internet. [That is 'new' for me.]  Lately my 'eye' was caught by the research on Temporal Sphenoidal Reflex Points. I discovered Dr. DeJarnette and Dr.Rees have done a great job. I tested it myself and was satisfied by the results I got.

World of Kinesiology - and you as a practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology - I think with this you will have a great tool [Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis] you can put in your backpack.

In this article I put emphasis on the relationship between the muscles we test and the Temporal Sphenoidal Reflex Points, as their correlation lies in the organ they relate to. Well, this may or may not of a surprise. Now imagine how your work can improve when you have this knowledge at your disposal. I say it is huge.

Touch for Health

Touch for Health was introduced by John F. Thie as a 'First Aid Tool for the non-chiropractic'. In it you are tought various techniques to quickly bring Mind Body Spirit back into homeostasis. Besides the 14/42 manual muscle tests - related to 12 main acu meridians and 2 of the extra meridains - one is tought to balance these muscle tests using neuro lymphatic points, neuro vascular points, specific holding / massaging points on the related acu meridians, and more.