zondag, juni 17, 2007

Magic of Kinesiology: February 2007

Touch For Health

The Touch For Health course (which to me is the basis of kinesiology) was originally devised by John Thie using the techniques based on his work with fellow chiropractor George Goodheart and research by:
  • Kendall and Kendall, who used muscle testing methods
  • Chapman, who researched Neurolymphatic Reflexes see diagram on Matthew Thies' site
  • Bennett, who researched Neurovascular Reflexes.
To quote from JohnThie "I treasure the Touch For Health synthesis. I see it as a candle lighting the way to better health and living. And I believe each of us holds such a candle - perhaps as yet unlit - that can serve to guide those we cherish safely toward a more abundant life".
John has definitely enriched my life as kinesiology has now been my life's work for many years. In 1996 he wrote in my work manual "To Sahaja, may you love touch and heal with confidence and assurance" Such a gift from a truly compassionate man! He has now died and you can read more of his story here

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