maandag, juni 18, 2007

Can you alter the muscle test just by thinking (2)

It is a well knownfact that an observation can NEVER be done objectively

It is Quantumphysics that states that the observer is always to be considered part of the system the observer is observing. In fact it is the observer is the one who determines whether a quant is viewed as a wave or a particle. Speaking about manipulation.

"What  do you mean by thinking makes a muscle test react differently?". You see over the years I've developed a 'sixth sense' when it comes to make a body scan. In my mind's eye I perform a body scan while I muscle test. In this way I have a quick notion of where the problem may be. It is this notion that I present to the client when I 'think' while in the meanwhile I perfrom a muscle test. I may be of no surprise the muscle test will show a change as predicted.

"What good does it do to muscle test the way you told us?". For me it is part of the ritual to tune in into the real problem(s) the client has in store right now. To find the hotspots quickly is the basic statement for a successful session.


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