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Hypnosis-Self Mastery-Success: 3 Magic Stages of Hypnotic Trance

Three Magic Stages of Hypnotic Trance

Today I came to the conclusion ... the state that people are in where they do things on stage or in public they would even wouldn't think doing in public is a state that is called SOMNAMBULISTIC state. To enlighten me and you I found this text understating this notion.

Extract from: Hypnosis-Self Mastery-Success: 3 Magic Stages of Hypnotic Trance

· Light - lethargy or the hypnodial state.
· Medium - catalepsy or the moderate and intermediate state.
· Deep - somnambulism or the somnambulistic state.


This preliminary level of relaxation is not much more than what it is called, a lethargic or lightly relaxed state.

The subject will be fully aware of his surroundings and will remember the details of an entire session.

If ordered, he will (usually) close his eyes and appear somewhat relaxed. He will agree to move small muscles only. (eyelids, fingers, toes, etc.) In this light state, his eyelids may flicker - something you will seldom, if ever, see in medium or deep state.

Facial muscles will sag only a little and some stiffness may still be observed in the body. Breathing will usually not be heavy, as in the medium or deep state. Complicated suggestions are futile.

Posthypnotic suggestion and induction to create amnesia or to block pain are generally ineffective in the light state.

In the light state the subject is persuaded or coaxed rather than commanded by the hypnotist.


Once into this intermediate state, your subject becomes much more responsive to direction by the hypnotist. He/she will move large muscles (arms, legs) more readily, and will be partially if not fully susceptible to posthypnotic suggestion. He/she will be more or less aware of what is going on and his/her surroundings.

He/she may or may not remember the proceedings. As you can see, this state is in contrast to the light state - the subject will be definitely more relaxed and more responsive. His/her eyes will be closed upon command and he will "appear" hypnotized and be more under the control of the hypnotist.

He/she will follow suggestions much more readily and precisely. He/she will be breathing deeper and have the ability to block pain more effectively or to use waking hypnosis.

Positive reflexive tests - the hand clasp, rigidity test, postural sway, locked eyelids and glove anesthesia are characteristic of the medium state, as is the feeling of timelessness and the susceptibility to posthypnotic suggestion.


In this, the deepest state of hypnosis, there is no doubt or question as to the hypnotizability or the depth of trance exhibited by the subject.

In this state the subject is completely and absolutely under the control of the hypnotist and will perform or assent to almost any suggestion insofar as it does not subconsciously conflict with learned values, standards or ethics.

In the deepest state, or deep-deep, the subject will remember nothing and will be totally unaware of his surroundings.

To all intents and purposes, the somnambulist is in "sleep" yet will follow each suggestion or command explicitly, He/she will follow posthypnotic suggestions flawlessly.

He/she will hallucinate upon command and evidence complete amnesia at a word from the hypnotist.

In fact, he/she will respond to the hypnotist's directions even if they are absurd or ridiculous, He/she will open his/her eyes, yet remain in the deepest state - and he/she will see whatever the hypnotist directs him/her to see, whether the object is real or imaginary.

At command, his body can change from rigid to limp in a split second. Reflexive tests are followed minutely and perfectly.

Time to get started

Now I know this to be true ... I can start concocting procedures to make this happen first hand. And test what works best and then what works even better. This is what I was searching for all the time. Now I can start make it happen.

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