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Appied Kinesiology: Synopsis in a book you must have

Applied Kinesiology - Synopsis

by David S. Walther D.C., 2nd Edition, Published 2000

11.5" x 8.5" ; 627 pages. Soft cover. Glossy pages. Widely illustrated.

Contains the material from the now out-of-print "AK Volume 1" plus copious amounts of updated and new material.

A treasure on any healer's shelf. See for your self!
Synergetic Kinesiology

Of je nu net begint, aan het studeren bent of uitgestudeerd bent ... dit is hét naslagwerk waarin je een overzicht wordt aangeboden van technieken en methoden zoals je ze altijd wilde hebben.

Het heet dan ook niet voor niet Synopsis [Overzicht] van al het materiaal dat verder beschreven staat in de uitgebreidere versies van Davis S. Walther onder de naam Applied Kinesiology. is op dit moment de meest toonaangevende website waar aandacht geschonken wordt aan wat Applied / Specialized Kinesiology is. Zo wordt op
overzicht gegeven van wie er op zijn minste een droge boterham mee probeert te verdienen!

Op deze website is onlangs (5 maart 2008) een in Memoriam verschenen van George J. Goodheart, de grondlegger van Applied Kinesiology. In voorgaande jaren waren hem voorgegaan ... Frank Mahonie, John Thie, Gordon Stokes.

------------- – at this moment – is the most prominent website dedicated to Applied / Specialized Kinesiology in the world to date. At you will find a list of kinesiologies as they are represented in the different organizations on kinesiology in the world.

"Stress management in Dialogue with the Body" – This is the way Specialized kinesiology is used at, who is holding this method as its Unique Selling Proposition. Why you might ask? Well, I am glad to tell you why!!

Think a moment about this statement "there is no change without some kind of trance". This was one of my greatest enlightend ideas – I say – I had while I was in training. It means that you have to induce some kind of trance in the client for the client to even make /perceive a glimp of a change. And how do kinesiologist bring someone in trance ... they do it by muscle testing [muscle monitoring].

Muscle testing is an Art – An art one can learn, just as you can learn to hypnotize people or as you can learn to drive things like a car. It takes practize, practize, practize. And while people tend to go into a trance while they are being muscle tested, you just as easily get in contact with your unconscious. You get answers that need to be interpreted the right way. So you as a worker with kinesiology can and most willingy are doing the stress management in a way the body, your unconscious, wants it to be managed.

Stress management and then – Yes, stress management is a keyword. Because whatever a client may bring up to the table it is all related to "the brain not being able to cope with what is at hand". And since energy is the linking key ... I work on that I can work on and that is Energy. So when someone asks me "can you do something for me?", I always say ..."come and lay on the table, relax and let your arm/leg tell me what I can do for you." For it is not the problem that I am focussed on ... no .. it is your body, your unconscious, your energy and I translate that what the body has to say in symbolic language so the real problem may bubble up to the conscious. And thereby let go of the things that bother you!

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